Free OneDrive 25Tb

This article will show you how to get OneDrive 25Tb Storage for free, with these steps, you can figure out how to make it.
Here we got two methods to make it happen, but actually almost the same steps but exact same thoery.
We will update Method 2 ASAP, but Method 2 is a little bit  complicated to Method 1, and feel free to check out the Google Team Drive article

Method 1. Temp Emai
First, click on any of these links :
Link 1 :
Link 2 :
Link 3 :
Link 4 :

Next, you will see a random generated email, I bet you  don’t want to use that email, right?
So change it and type the email address you want in the bar.

Then, click on any of these two links to get into Office 365 account registration page, it doesn’t bother and type the email you just got.
Link 1 (Student) :
Link 2 (Faculty) :

After that, you should received an email from Microsoft, and type the sign up code, I don’t think I have to go through this to you.
These are basic internet skills.

Finally, you see this page and you are good to go. You will only be receiving 5TB at this moment, you can upgrade to 25TB after your 5TB drive used over 90%, we will update this article later to show you how to upgrade it.
Note : It may take a few minutes for Microsoft, mostly take less than an hour to make it.

Please also check out the Google Team Drive article.